Reason alone is not capable of discovering the truth about God.


We must experience this truth as it is communicated through the imagination.  What I find to be most interesting regarding this pursuit is that the truth we seek comes by means of a trust that demands more from us than we are intellectually capable of giving - meaning that the imagination is a gift from God. The imagination will open our eyes to a world of unseen realities revealing our place in the Master’s storybook.

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Imagination Lost

Through the words of storyteller Gilroy, the quest for the missing power of imagination  unfolds and transcends through centuries, from the pre-Christian age of Europe to the present.

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IN Search of Wisdom

Life is a once-upon-a-time story. It is a story unfolding in a magical world of 
extraordinary happenings, something far greater than magic wands and pixie dusts.  
Discover what Glenn has come to realize.

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