In Search of Wisdom

With very few exceptions we all struggle with regrets from the past. What if, however I were to tell you that there is an enchanted world where every day offers new beginnings. Would you be interested? If so, take a few minutes and read these words taken from the introduction of In Search of Wisdom – A Disciple’s Diary by Glenn T. Horne. But, before you read consider this quote from American scholar and author Brené Brown, “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story & hustle for your worthiness.”

               No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get beyond yesterday’s senselessness and this instinctively haunting desire to do it all over again. What about you? Have you ever really seen your life in full relationship to what it could have been and wished that you could do it over?

               I’m convinced that despite yesterday’s regrets and the capricious nature of tomorrow today is a wonderful time to be alive. However, and this may seem a reckless thing to say, because I know as much as I would like to relive my life, we can’t start over. But I can imagine how wonderful it would be if we could. If life really was a “Once upon a time story” and we actually had magical wands and fairy dust? Think about it for just a moment. Picture the unlimited possibilities.

                                               In Search of Wisdom by Glenn T. Horne

                                         "How do I move on from things I cannot change."

             As citizens living within this world of enchantment everyday would be a new beginning. We could erase the past and magically put to rest any memory that doesn’t satisfy. For example, those family memories that continue to resurrect themselves despite the numerous funeral services we’ve held for them, stories of failure, suspicions, and illness’s that changed us; choices that we cannot retract and dreams that have never been realized. The list could go on and on but you get the picture. Well guess what! There is no fairy dust and there is no enchanted wood. The wishing well has dried up. Peter Pan’s enchanting island world, “Never Land”, doesn’t and has never existed, and we cannot change, escape or relive the past. But we can embrace him who controls the future. 

               In fact, the truth is, when granting restitution even God does not change the past. He does however, and he is the only who can do it, give us insight into how to take advantage of these ill-fated particulars – these demons of regret.  It’s actually the perfect solution to our situation. Think about this way. If we lived in a perfect world with imperfect bodies, a world where every morning was essentially like the day before, we would soon lose our focus on God – there would be no need to trust him for the knowledge – understanding and/or the wisdom that we need to manage our lives. 

               It’s difficult to live with our past mistakes, believe me I know. But because each moment of our lives brings change and change brings challenge and challenge often times brings more failure and because we cannot remove ourselves from the past we need, moment by moment throughout our journey, Godly instruction. In-other-words, God’s wisdom is the very essence of understanding life in a broken world. So how do I move on from things I can’t change? Every human being has a past and in order to embrace it and move forward we must understand life from God’s perspective. The fact is, until we are properly related to God the past has no present meaning.

               Allow me to put it this way. It’s not an easy thing to honestly face the past; however it is an important part in moving forward. And it is exceedingly impossible to do on our own. God recognizes our weaknesses, he gets it, and he has taken it upon himself to help us put the past into a perspective that will help us, not only understand who we are, but encourage others.

               Perhaps as you travel with me through these pages you will discover that which I have come to realize. And this is an absolutely amazing discovery, but life really is a once upon a time story. No, really it is - a story unfolding in a magical world of extraordinary happenings. And we have within this enchanted world of certainty something far greater than magic wands and pixie dust. We have unlimited access into the mind of God.

Till we can sit down together I remain faithfully yours,

Glenn T. Horne